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    Filled Map with Outliers?


      I'm fairly new to Tableau and am trying to create a filled map of the US showing 2 dimensions:


      1) Total number of firms in a particular industry in each state


      2) Total number of Sales in that industry in each state.


      First question: I've set it up so that I think I've got it working - but there are a few states in the US that are so much higher than the rest in sales ($200M vs. the average in other states of around $4M), the color gradients mean very little. Essentially my outliers are, in this case, blue, and the rest of the country is in the same color of red. How do I handle outliers?


      Second question: what are the best ways, visually, to show my two layers above? Right now, total sales is on the "size" dimension and I have these relative circles overlaid on the state. Doesn't look bad but also not super visually appealing.