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    Clickable Countries

    Marilde Nykvist



      Is it possible to create a clickable map, where each country has an embedded link (or so) to its own dashboard where info regarding only that country  should be displayed?


      How do I create that?



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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi Marilde,


          Create calculation like this and add each link in each state

          like this.

          if [State] = "Alabama" then "www.google.co.in/"

          elseif [State] = "Arizona" then "community.tableau.com/welcome/"



          Create map and use state dim to create map.Drag calc into marks card.


          Create url action and add calculated field in url section. dimension avail in highlighted area.





          Once you click any country then it will go to relevant link.





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            Carl Slifer

            Hi Marilde,


            You sure can.


            1) You will need to design 2 sheets. 1 with a map in question and one with the details. (I'll provide a quick and ugly mock up). Put these both on their own dashboard

            2) Then from the first sheet go to the dashboard menu, and select actions

            3) Add an action (Filter)

            4) In the targets sheet section change the drop down box to target the second (details dashboard)

            5) Enjoy


            Dashboard actions: Filter Actions

            This next one has many more features than what you're asking but it does include your immediate question: Action Filter From One Dashboard to Filter Another


            Best Regards,

            Carl Slifer