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    Wild card match results


      Hello ,


      I have 2 Parameters Customer name and Customer name 2 the users input in both the parameters the customer name,how would I get the results of both the inputs?


      I tried this :

      2 Parameters (Customer Name) and (Customer Name Copy)



      But the issue is clearing one of filters gives down all the Customer names something like this :



      My requirement is to keep the Customers with second criteria or clearing one. Is this possible or is there a work around to fetch the results of 2 different filters by just using the fields and not using the parameters

      Also attached a sample workbook


      Thanks in advance,


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          Hi Vijay,


          Please see to the attached file. I guess this is your expectation.

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            Carl Slifer

            Howdy Vijay,


            Try this formula in place of your current T/F


            IIF(LEN([Customer Name 1]) = 0,FALSE,CONTAINS([Customer Name],[Customer Name 1]))


            IIF(LEN([Customer Name 2]) = 0,FALSE, CONTAINS([Customer Name],[Customer Name 2]))


            I've changed the name of your parameters to make my life easier. You also do not need two fields for customer name. Making a copy in this case is pointless as they are identical.  You can have two functions looking at the same field.  What this calc does is return false instead of true whenever then custom parameter is empty. LEN() is a function that returns how many characters there are in a string. When its 0 then its empty. And when its empty you now get a false. When you get a false then that condition won't be true for all the other names.


            Best Regards,

            Carl Slifer


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              Hey Carl !


                   Thanks for your answer, Is there a possibility to show all the customer name by default when the the parameters are NULL?

                   I want to display all customer names by default and when users filters it should apply accordling.


              Thanks again,