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    Action filter from a tree map to another but same tree map filters but I need selection only

    Zeeshan Zuberi



      I really hope this is a simple question and may have a quick and easy solution. I have a tree-map on a dashboard and because of the limitation of space available on the dashboard, I expect users to click on the tree map and navigate to another dashboard with the same tree map shown on top and with details of the selected tree map point under it. I've created an action filter on the first tree map which correctly takes users to next dashboard and also have the value in the next tree map selected however rest of the tree map points disappear unlike when you select a point on a tree map and rest of the points on tree map fade but still stay visible on screen. I understand this is actual filtering happening whereas I'm expecting only selection to happen. Any clues? I'll try uploading a workbook to show what I mean in case that helps with getting a resolution.