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    Global Quick Filters Across Multiple Dashboards with Multiple Data Sources

    Ganesh Vijay Kumar

      Hello Experts,


      I am using Tableau 10 and I have built a dashboard with 6 different data sources. The common fields in all the data source is "Region_Name", "Sub Region" and "Team".


      I am very excited about the new feature "Filter across Data Sources in Tableau 10". I have applied the same and its working fine when I place a "Filter" with in the dashboard. Below is the screen shot for your reference.



      Home Page

      Another Dashboard view


      However If I click on map and select "Germany" the filters not applied globally. Below is the screen shots for your reference.




      Does it only work on "Filters".

      Please let me know if it will work on "Quick Action Filters" or am I missing something.


      Quick response will greatly appreciated.