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    Is there a way to incorporate measures into the body of an email action in Tableau?

    Jacob Ackerman

      I am fairly new to Tableau and I have happened upon creating an action where I use the 'html' action to create an email. Now within that email I would like to create dynamic information that includes both measures and dimensions, such as: order #, number of miles, total weight, and cost. The following is what I have written to obtain results so far:

      mailto:randomemail@tableau.com?subject= Information &body=This order # ,<order#> is complete.


      The above will work correctly without any difficulties because (based on assumption) it only incorporates a dimension. However, when I try the following, the test email will work, but in the dashboard when I try to select the field it will not work and the email will not show.


      mailto:randomemail@tableau.com?subject= Information &body=This order # ,<order#> is complete. It cost the customer, <sum(cost)>. The underlined portion of this action URL does not allow for the ability.


      Please help in answering as to why this does not work or if there is a way around this.