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    Combining Worksheets into 1 Single Dashboard

    Christopher McKinnish

      I have 9 separate worksheets compiled into one dashboard.  All worksheets are filtered across 4 separate data sources.  Functionally, it works.   I have a parameter set to switch between the desired views.


      Problem:  Each worksheet, independently takes between 2 and 6 seconds to load.  However, when accessing this dashboard with the 9 combined sheets; now when the dashboard loads, it takes about about 25-30 seconds for the page to load.  Then using the filter to select another, in this case - customer number, the dashboard again takes about 25-30 seconds to load. Same thing when switching to an alternate view within the Dashboard.


      So it appears what Tableau is doing is; at page load, change of filter, or change of parameter, it is filtering every one of the individual worksheets, regardless of which one is being displayed, prior to the display.   Then again at filter or parameter value change.  


      I'm sure I would just forgo the idea of having all of this on one dashboard, and just use tabs.   However, before I do this, I wanted to see if someone may have a genius idea how to handle this, or not load or filter every page, until it is displayed on the dashboard.





      Thanks in advance!!!