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    Filter on matching and non-matching values

    Jenny Sanders




      I am trying to filter on matching/non-matching category id's between date 1 and date 2 .


      I am trying to do something like this -- if category id for date 1 = category id for date 2 then "Matching" else "Non-matching" end


      I want the user to be able to filter out on both "matching" and "non-matching" id's. That is in  for 9/11/2016 i have 9 of category id's but for 9/13/2016 i have 5 category id's since 4 of those category id's were closed on 9/11/2016.  The data gets updated daily. So on 9/13/2016 and 9/14/2016 i will have category id's as 10 rows by 2 columns


      Using the above mentioned formula, I am not being able to correctly filter out. My requirement is to show null when there is no difference in the count of the category id's and to show the respective category id's if there is a difference.


      Any leads will be greatly appreciated. I tried by using different calculated fields but couldn't get the filtering to be done correctly.


      Please see the attached workbook .

      Thanks !

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          Michel Caissie



          I don't know what type of visualization you are looking for,  but you should find some ideas on how to compute the matching Ids in the attached.



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            Jenny Sanders

            Hi Michel,

            Thanks for the workbook. The kind of viz I am looking is to show blank when category id are matching i.e. I will see blank sheet with only the label "category id " in row and to show the non-matching id's automatically depending on the dates that I select.

            So basically I am doing data mining or data check on a regular basis. I am comparing today's data vs  yesterday's data and if no change then I don't want to see anything or you can say a blank sheet . BUt if there is any difference I would only like to see those different values.


            I have tried a lot using numerous calculated fields , counting difference and then filtering out but nothing seems to work. I guess it's hard to automatically show/hide the data depending upon dates.


            Does this help you in understanding what I am trying to achieve. I will try using your approach to see if it works.


            Thanks !