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    When creating extracts in Tableau while connecting to MySQL, Tableau is randomly limiting the data

    Charlie Boatwright

      Tableau seems to randomly limit extracts I'm trying to create from a data table in MySQL.

      In MySQL if I run the query SELECT COUNT(*) FROM post it returns the number of rows in the data set as 2,799,404.

      From this I am sure that this data set contains that many rows.

      When I run the same query in Tableau, Tableau also returns the same value so we can safely assume that Tableau is looking at the same data set.

      When I run SELECT * FROM post in Tableau and leave it as a live connection and then start a sheet and drop the pill "Number of Records" into the workbook Tableau tells me that that data table contains 2,799,404 records.

      At this point it's clear that Tableau is connecting to the data fine and we're looking at the same table.


      The problem occurs when I try to create an extract of the full table. When I extract the query SELECT * FROM post or simply drag the post schema pill into the "Table drop" Tableau extracts random amounts of data from the data table.

      I have been able to repeat this extract behavior on many different workbooks (new and old), and across various machines; the same query has returned extracts of the following sizes: 597367, 749480, 713653 among others.


      Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a solution for this? Is this a known issue? I can't seem to find any thing about this.

      The tableau version is 9.2 and this extract used to work as expected (we have a published version of this workbook on our Tableau Server which contains all the data)