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    Calculated field as filter across multiple data sources - Slow

    Christopher McKinnish

      I have created a calculated field to be used as a Customer Search Field using the Single Value drop down search option provides a search as you type feature.  This works really good. 


      This new calculated field is a concatenation of 6 different fields, with some special characters used to separate things like, Name, Address, City, State.   Below is my formula.


      [Customer Code] + '('+[Account Class]+')'+' - ' + [Assigned Terminal]+ ':'+[Account Name]+' • '+ [Account Address Line 1]+' • '+[Account City]


      Note:  we're filtering through approximately 2-3 million records from each data source.  As I said, this works as desired, but is very slow.  Alternately, when using a known value of just the customer code, the filter across multiple data sources [4 in this case] the results are returned much much quicker. 


      So what I am trying to figure out is: 

      If I have one worksheet with the Concatenated Field for the consumers desired search feature which returns the desired customer, how could I use that same files customer code field [Customer Code] as the filter across multiple data sources?   Its like I want to use the concatenated field as a lookup, but then use the [Customer Code] field as the filter across the multiple data sources.  


      I  hope I am making sense here. 


      Anyone have any suggestions?