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    How the action filter is getting cleared on a dashboard?

    Damith Gunasekara

      Hi All,


      I have a dashboard with two charts. One chart is using buttons to filter the chart data, dashboard buttons uses action filters to filter data. I've used 'Exclude all values' for clearing the section in filter, therefore when deselecting the button all chart data will be excluded from the dashboard. I have published the dashboard to tableau online and i am observing this behavior in tableau online.Clearing the button selection happens when clicking on the button for the second time or when clicking any white space area on the dashboard, but for certain white space locations on the dashboard (Eg:-white space locations on my other chart (I assume chart containers)) clearing does not happen. I want to know the reason behind this behavior?. How a dashboard filter getting cleared when using 'Exclude all values' for clearing the section?. Why it is getting cleared when clicking on a white space and why its not getting cleared when clicking on another chart container?