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    Table calc. Force tableau to remember compute using certain field


      Hello forum folks


      I have created a table that divides my KPI into three categories: current, last year, last period. The last period and last year are percentage calculation of development between current and last year or last period.


      sc tabl.PNG


      My problem is, when i remove my measure in my Measure name filter, and add it again, Tableau forgets how to do the calculation in relation to compute using.


      It should 'Compute using' my KPI Category, but after adding and removing it forgets.


      sc tabl 2.PNG


      I'm going to create this formula for every measure, and be able to add and remove measures without messing up the calculations.


      Is there any way to force the calculation to ALWAYS compute using a certain field, or how can i solve this?


      I have included a workbook.


      Appreciate any help, thanks!


      Best Regards

      Jesper S.