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    Country, city level drill down using pie charts

    raghavendra N

      Hi I am new to Tableau,


      I want to create a pie chart with drill down for category, say when I click on the country name in the pie chart it goes to city level in pie chart and when I click on a particular city I want all the categories in that city to be populated in a Pie chart. Is this achievable in tableau.


      Any help in this is very much appreciated.




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          Sreekanth Kasaraneni

          Hi Raghavendra,


          To display in pie-charts, field values should be 12 or below for effective analysis.


          if we put all the countries in one pie chart it would be like below




          for your requirement it would be best if you create a dashboard as shown below.



          I created three sheets...

          Sheet 1 is a Filled map chart color coded with Sales

          Sheet 2 is Bar Chart with City wise Sales

          Sheet 3 is  Pie Chart with Categories wise Sales

          Drag them into canvas and make a dashboard in depicted fashion

          provide action filters for Country to City Charts & City to Category Charts


          This would be more meaningful visualization


          For more information Please find the attached workbook below