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    Developer Hackathon!

    Tracy Rodgers

      Calling all Tableau Developers! This year at TC16, there will be an all day Hackathon event the Monday of conference week.


      Meet up with others like you to put your heads together and come up with that solution you've been wanting to create using one of Tableau's APIs. Or just get inspired by the work others are doing. The possibilities are endless!


      Last year, the focus was on the Web Data Connector, but this year it's open to so much more:


      - Document API

           Think about creating that template workbook you've always wanted.

      - Extract API

           Where have you wanted to create an extract from lately?

      - JavaScript API

           Have you pushed the limits of Tableau and your website lately?

      - REST API

           How can you automate and manage the Tableau Server better?

      - WDC

           What data would you like to get your hands on from the web?


      To learn more about the Hackathon, visit: Learn | Tableau Conference 2016


      And if you can't make the Hackathon, you can see the winner by going to the Hackathon Winner Announcement.


      Hope to see you there with those creative juices flowing!