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    KPI indicator

    Anna Kisting



      I'm trying to add a KPI indicator to a file that I'm creating.  I want a Boolean field that shows if technology is the top in sales in each region  (See attached file).  I only care if technology is the top seller.  My end goal is to add an KPI indicator next to my up/down arrows that shows if technology is the top. 


      I'm having trouble with the table calc that makes this happen.  Any help would be much appreciated.




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          Adam Crahen

          Hi Anna-


          How about this one:

          MAX({fixed [Region], [Category] : SUM([current year])}) = MAX({fixed [Region], [Category] : SUM(IF [Category] = 'Technology' THEN [current year] END)})


          Compares the Max sum(current year) vs. the Tech total for a Region/Category.


          This uses a few tricks.  I put MIN(-1) and MIN(1) on a dual axis to give a separate marks card.  This allows me to put two columns of shapes in the same space as the bar chart.  I formatted the axes to remove the tick marks and title on the bottom axis.  The field labels are just spaced out in the top axis title.  The divider uses the zero line.


          I also put current year on a dual axis so I could shrink the height of the axes.  The title on top is the text with ticks off.  The title is off on the bottom with ticks on.


          9.3 workbook attached.

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            Anna Kisting

            Thank you so much for your help!


            I ended up using this slightly altered one:


            MAX({fixed [Region], [Category] : SUM([current year])}) =  SUM(IF [Category] = 'Technology' THEN [current year] END)})


            I really appreciate that you took the time to show me another way to show my KPI's.  Now if Tableau would only let me resize individual columns...