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    Troubleshoot applying filter with multiple data sources

    Clara Gonzalez Ginestet

      Troubleshoot: Applying filter after blending multiple data sources


      I blended data from RedShift and GA to build a dashboard, which shows the active users of the different products by country of the last 30 days. The multiple sources are linked. However, when I want to apply filter, the value of the data showed is wrong.


      Thnaks in advance for your help


      For example,

      The summary table shows the value of country by product. Those values are correct.



      However, when I add date, the values are messed up.




      Ultimately, we want to remove country and use it as a filter as it’s the goal of this dashboard. But, the data doesn’t show the correct values. CR is a good example of the issue.






      Note: The measure used is a field that connects all the data sources (daily, Tigo Money App and Tigo Sport App) using to build this dashboard.


      zn(SUM([Active Users]))+zn(SUM([Tigo Sports App (TigoSports App)].[Active Users]))+zn(SUM([Daily].[Active Users]))


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