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    Call a phone number from Tableau Dashboard

    Suraj Shah



      I was wondering if I have a phone number as a field, is it possible to click on it and dial a phone to that number?


      I was able to do that with email using the URL action and appending 'mailto:' before the string. See screen shot below.


      If a user is seeing the dashboard on a computer, the action takes them to their mail engine like outlook. If viewed on phone the action takes the user to the mail client on the phone. In my case,it takes me to my default email setup on iPhone, which is fine.


      I tried something like callto:<Phone>. This link opens my Skype messenger on computer. Which is acceptable. On the phone however, I want the action to actually dial a call. At the moment, I get an error which reads 'a potentially unsafe URL has been blocked'.


      Please note: all actions on a cell phone would be through Tableau Online/ Tableau phone app.





      Contact Sheet.PNG