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    3 daily line charts based on adjustable time intervals


      Hi, I am trying to create a line chart with x-axis as days, and y-axis showing 3 types of speed data aggregated based on various time ranges for each day (AM, PM, 24 Hr).

      These 3 lines were originated from one original speed field.


      The chart displays well. But the issue arise when I want to adjust the speed ranges by restricting their individual time ranges (e.g. AM change to 0000-0500, PM change to 1400-1800, 24Hr 0700-1100). This is done using time sliders.


      I initially assume that each time slider will operate independently within their assign speed (e.g., Time AM only affects Speed AM; which is what I need), but apparently it changes other speed ranges too.

      Would you know of any way to rectify this?