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    Salesforce Canvas Adapter (aka Sparker) Release notes

    Martin Sleeman

      Hey folks,


      I've heard that we haven't done a great job in publicizing the release notes for the Salesforce Canvas Adapter (aka Sparkler).  We've had a few releases this year and wanted to make sure you knew what we've done.

      Release Notes

      Current Release is 1.04 - September 2016.

      Version 1.04

      The following changes have been made for v1.04 of Sparkler. 

      • Fixed a bug that prevented multi-site Tableau servers from working properly with Sparkler.

      Version 1.03

      The following changes have been made for v1.03 of Sparkler.

      • Fixed a bug that prevented Mozilla from working properly with Sparkler.

      Version 1.02

      The following changes have been made for v1.02 of Sparkler.
      Important: We recommend that all users update to v1.02 of Tableau Sparkler. Version 1.02 includes a security mitigation (see first point below).

      • Security fix. This release includes a mitigation for a security vulnerability that potentially affected installations that used Tableau Server trusted tickets. In those installations, authenticated users could intercept the traffic to Sparkler and assert any identity. The fix for this vulnerability is that the Sparkler server process will not allow the client to assert their user identity. Instead, it maps a user identity from Salesforce to Tableau. For more information, see User Mapping and Security Considerations.
      • Custom mapping. This release lets you create a custom mapping between a field in Salesforce and a Tableau user name. For more information, see Appendix J: Custom Mapping and the "signedIdentity" Parameter.
      • Additional configuration values. The following new configuration values are defined in the sparkler.xml file. These configuration settings are used for user mappings.
        • sparkler.sfdc.userIdentifierField
        • sparkler.sfdc.emailDomainsAllowed
        • sparkler.sfdc.signedIdentity
        • sparkler.tableau.signedIdentitySkewSeconds

      The following settings in the sparkler.xml file have been deprecated. If your configuration file contains these values, Sparkler will work, but the values are no longer used to establish a user identity.

      • ts.trustedticket.username
      • ts.trustedsticket.siteid