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    Problems with Scaffold date blending

    Peter Empey

      I am working with queue data. Each person on a row with a start datetime and an end datetime and the data is in a single source on Tableau server.  I have followed the many wonderful posts about using a scaffold to turn a look up table into a transaction table so I can determine the queue size on a given day. But I am running into a problem, only part of the data is being returned.  When I change the aggregation level on date I get different numbers and most of the time frame is coming back as 0 when I know that there are 100s per day.  I have selected the 'show missing dates' opting on the Date pill but not all of the data is coming through.  I have not yet had time to sanitize the data to provide a sample set.  Are there any subtleties of the technique that I may be missing? Thanks for the assistance.

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          Peter Empey

          So I found, at least, a partial solution.  When I am relating the data sources with the scaffold I need to relate them on the level I want to view them.  For example, if I want to look at the HOUR level data I need to relate the two Date fields at the HOUR level.  This let me see the data I wanted, but it limits me from being able to drill up and down through the different levels.


          Anyone know if this is normal? or is it particular to date-time data.