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    Time based color changes to map paths

    John Sacco

      Relatively new Tableau user, first time mapping effort.


      I have created a sample Tableau map showing routes between cities. This map uses data source - Sample demo.

      I also have a second data source - Sample tickets.  I have joined the 2 data sources using the Route # fields.


      The Sample tickets data has Start and End times.


      What I'm hoping to do, is use the Start and End times from the Sample ticket data to trigger a color change to the

      path on the map.


      Example- According to the Sample ticket data, Route # 11096 (Phoenix - Seattle) will be under maintenance Starting at  10/4/2016 09:00

      and Ending at 10/4/2016 13:00, between those times, I want to have the path on the map show up as yellow  (instead of the

      current blue)   is this possible? 


      Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance


      Map sample.jpg