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    Recreate Parameters Functionality in Tableau Public

    Sarah Abdelhadi

      Hello all!


      I learned Tableau on the Desktop version at work and have now switched to Tableau Public on my personal computer for a side project. I hoped to create a simple crosstab using parameters on the X & Y axes from which users can select different variables. These variables are all categorical and the same options would be available on both axes, for example:


      X Axis:  Year, Product Type, Location, Company

      Y Axis:  Year, Product Type, Location, Company

      User could choose to compare Year vs Product Type, Product Type vs Location, Company vs Year, etc. with an end product resembling the table below, where '#' represents the frequency of each combination.


      Product TypeXYZ


      Really basic stuff. However, I've yet to find a relatively simple way to replicate the functionality of parameters in Tableau Public, which apparently lacks this feature. Any suggestions or alternative ways of thinking would be very much appreciated!