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    Dynamic set based on filter selection?

    Greg Rohman



      I am brand new to Tableau and am still learning the software, terminology and capabilities. I have a question regarding creating a chart to display my top clients over a selected time period.


      I have a simple line chart that displays revenue ("Closed Premium") by year ("Post Date"), so I have YEAR(Post Date) in the Columns shelf and SUM(Closed Premium) in the Rows shelf. I've added and displayed a filter for YEAR(Post Date) and everything works as planned. In order to view the top clients, I created a new Set using the "Top" tab to display the top 10 (controlled by a parameter) clients by Sum of Closed Premium and added that set as a filter. This works, and displays the top 10 clients based on the total revenue over my entire data set, and the filter changes which years are displayed.


      What I'd now like to do is to display the top 10 clients based on the selected date range. So for example, Client 1 has been my top overall client for the past 5 years, but has no revenue for 2015. Currently, if I filter my chart to only display 2015, Client 1 is still listed, even though they had no revenue for that particular year (I think!). I'd like it set up so that if I select 2015, the top clients from 2015 are displayed. If I then add 2013 and 2014 to my filter, it displays the top clients over the 2013-2015 range. Similarly, if Client 2 didn't place their first order until 2014 but is now a top 10 client, If I select a date range prior to 2014 I don't want them to show up.


      Is that possible?


      Thank you in advance.