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    Hide as a filter

    Santiago Calvo

      Hi everyone,


      I´m wondering if there is any way to hide and unhide in a similar way that we exclude or include with filters


      For example, if I have my country separate by department, once applied the filter to have only Montevideo and canelones, the percentage change from 42% and 16% (from the total of the country) to 73% and 27% (from the total of the included values, that are only those two)

      If I hide all but Montevideo and Canelones the percentages keeps being 42% and 16%, that´s what I want

      Is there any way to choose which departements to hide or unhide in an easy way like this


      Thank you!

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          David Li

          Hi Santiago! You can do this using LOD calculations. For instance, maybe something like:

          { FIXED [Departamento] : SUM([Value]) } / { SUM([Value]) }

          This will calculate the % contribution of each department relative to the total in the context. If you filter, the number will stay the same, because the calculation is done at the record level.


          Note, however, that context filters will affect this calculation, and you may have to set some of your filters to context filters to get it to work properly.

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            Joe Oppelt

            If you use a table calc as a filter, it will filter out what to DISPLAY, but not filter out what gets computed across the whole table.


            LOOKUP is a good way to do this.


            I don't have your workbook to test out the exact syntax, but it will look something like this:






            Put that on the filter shelf, and display the filter.  (You might have to edit the table calc to do TABLE(down) so that it looks down your list instead of across.)

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