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    Chamanpreet Kahlon

      I was wondering if anyone could help and suggest the best way to do this for me.


      I am in the process of creating a user profile which has:


      Full Name

      Job Title


      Email address



      From this I want to create a sheet which will show all users from this company that have the same location.


      Example if I work in the Staines office then I want there to be a tab that will show this basic information in table format for all users at the Stianes office for this company?


      Hope this makes sense.


      All help appreciated.

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          Rajeev Pandey

          Hi Preet,

          Please follow Ben sullins advice

          How to Make Location Aware Tableau Dashboards

          How to Make Location-Aware Tableau Dashboards | Tableau Software

          if this doesnt fulfill your requirement then please ping me will tell you some other alternative


          Warm Regards,

          Rajeev Pandey


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            Chamanpreet Kahlon

            Hi Rajeev,


            Thank you for your assistance. However I don't think this is exactly what I need.

            For example I have selected a profile for someone that works in British Airways - I then want to be able to see all the users that work in British Airways - just their names, job titles, locations and emails.


            All of this data is stored in a subscriber table - I just want to be able to if I chose a user to be able to see exactly how many users we have in our database that also work in British Airways.


            Hope that makes sense.


            Thank you


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              Andrew Watson

              You're not able to just filter on the Location field? That would give all users in the selected location.

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                Chamanpreet Kahlon

                Hi Andrew,


                The profile that I have created is basically you search a user based on their email - just to see a whole profile of basic information such as full name, company, location etc.


                This is already filtered by their email address.


                I then want to say for example you are looking at the user, you decide you want to see all the users that are based in that company to be able to click the company name and for all the users from that company to be listed in a table.

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                  Andrew Watson

                  Ok, understood, you should check out Action filters. Filter Actions


                  You can easily set up an action filter so when the user clicks on the row containing the profile information it will load another table containing all users within that company.


                  Create 2 tables (and perhaps these look the same, depends on the information you wish to provide) with one of these being filtered by the email address.


                  Put both tables on to a dashboard, go to Dashboard - Actions and create a filter action where the Source is the sheet filtered by email and the target is the sheet to filter by location. You're able to set up the filter action to work on click (Select) and you are able to have this target sheet blank (Exlude all Values) when no one is selected.

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                    Chamanpreet Kahlon

                    Thanks for this Andrew, I will try this now.


                    fingers crossed it works