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    Merging Dim or Modify data for Waterfall chart - clue required.

    Muralikrishna Govindu

      I am looking for Total sales for the last two years along with the difference between those two years in the available dimensions/ categories.  I am seeing here two approaches, one with original data and two with modified data with data accuracy (may not be fully mocked to the requirement and may need to look into this if the first approach using original data fails). 


      With the original data approach, I have merged Time with Categories dim., however, I am not totally successful but near to what I am looking for.  The key for waterfall is to see that next bar starts where the previous bar ends like the negative will go down while positive will shoot up (all from difference calculation).


      On the other note, I have taken both the years separately, but they cannot be aligned with the dimension changes in a Waterfall chart!!


      To these two approaches, I have made variant dashboards with sample data, hope one of you could try and get back soon!


      5 Bars where next bar begins where previous bar ends (negative down, positive sale up): 2014 total sales, dim 1 Diff made in 2015, dim 2 diff made in 2015, dim 3 diff made in 2015, 2015 total sales


      Refer Calculations merging Dimensions with Time Dim. and suggest further or building a new data-set approach for which refer another dashboard named appropriately.