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    Manigandan Arumugam



      I read from the below link that to avoid any kind of failover and also for loadbalacing we need to have 3 nodes.Distributed Requirements



      How this works for Tableau server 10. We are thinking for having 64gb ram in each of the distributed environment rather than having 128gb ram in a single machine. Does tableau server 10 works perfectly with two node or it also needs 3 nodes?

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          Glen Robinson


          You can build Tableau 10 as a 2 node cluster, but it isnt 'high available'. You will need to have 3 nodes for that.

          With Tableau 10, you dont have the option of replicated Repositories either.

          Also, if one of the nodes fails, the other node will also shutdown


          Therefore if you are after a 'proper' highly available cluster you should go for 3 nodes.

          The 2 workers can be 64GB ram, and the primary doesnt need to be that powerful, as it is only handling licensing (and maybe gateway functionality)


          All the best


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            Matt Coles

            Hi Manigandan. Same deal, but additionally in v10, you won't be able to run a failover Repository database unless you have three or more nodes (previous versions would let you get away with two). Note that you don't actually need the third node to do much of anything. It can simply be a VM that runs the Gateway and that's it, and it still counts as 3. So you wouldn't, in theory, need to invest money in more core licenses (if that's what you have), or an expensive piece of additional hardware.