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    Last x weeks plus zn function

    David Tabb

      I have spent a few hours (3+) today trying to figure this out, I'm obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed today,  I have searched forums etc and can not seem to nail it. Therefore need some help. Apologies if this is simple or a repeat question.


      What I am trying to do is show the last 1 - 6 weeks as columns (depending on the No of Weeks parameter), with Saturday being the start of the week and then show either 0 (through the zn function) or the summed value as per the Excel example below.


      I have the No of Weeks parameter working, I have the Saturday start of week working, however I can not seem to get the weeks to display that do not contain any data, what am I doing wrong or need to do to achieve this?


      As always any help is greatly appreciated