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    Dynamic Questions - looking to just understand 'terms' so I can research

    Jay Martin

      UPDATE:  I figured out how to do 1 and 3 just playing around.  Thanks


      Am a new Tableau user (very impressed, super intuitive).


      Have developed a suite of charts, but now am stuck with some of the more complicated items, primarily around dynamic values.



      1) Want to have a Line (have a Constant one in my mock-up) that is driven off the top of the last bar, but does not change


      2) Looking for a way to have bar colors change depending on values or inside/outside of difference tolerances or ranges


      3) Need a distribution band in one, but want the percentages to be able to be read off the Excel file feeding it


      4) For when my bars are equal to zero, I want to be able to find a way to hide the Marks and display nothing


      I am calling all of these requirements 'dynamic' but was wondering if there was Tableau nomenclature that would

      make it more clear to me.  I've done some research, but so far what I've found was very specific to people's problems.

      I would welcome if there were already links or questions answered, and apologize for being a newbie.

      I am planning to research more myself, but wanted to see if I could get some guidance to make it more fruitful.

      So far my trial and error has gone well, but figured some quick help could save me a lot of time.  Thanks.

      Jay Martin


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