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    Tableau certification: watch the fine print

    Dimitri Shvorob

      ... specifically, note that the exam registration is valid for 6 months. (Vs. 12 months for Pearson VUE, who partner with Microsoft and Qlik). You will not see a warning on Loyalist's site - it's actually there, behind a tiiiiny (font size 4?) "Terms and conditions" link at the bottom of a page. At some point, Loyalist also added "Exam expiry" to their "Exam dashboard" screen.  Maybe it happened too late for me - I asked Loyalist, but did not get at answer - or maybe "Exam expiry" was there but I missed it. I unknowingly missed the deadline - ironically, by a single day - and was effectively told to get lost by both Loyalist and Tableau, the latter represented by Tableau's certification boss. (Losers: myself, Tableau. Winners: Loyalist, Qlik). Don't get into this situation.