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    How to un-merge multiple dimensions in text view

    Saeid Ab

      I have a series of dimensions that I would like to present to users using a text view (tabular). However, as I add 5-6 dimensions, tableau automatically starts to merge them into one column and separate the value of dimensions with a comma. The results is that it removes all the dimension names except the last one. Something similar to below table.



      Dim 7....Measure1
      Dim1, Dim2, Dim3, Dim4
      valu1, value2, value3, value4value5value6value7...measure value1

      As you can see, there are enough space in the view to accommodate all the dimensions, however, it merges them probably yo save some space.


      This is something that I don't really like and it bothers me. Once I click on the header of merged column, there is a 'Split' option that intuitively must split these values, however, it does not do the job.


      I appreciate your advise how to enforce tableau to show dimensions in a separate column.