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    Calculating Increase required

    Mark Manns

      I'm trying to create a view that tracks the % of a total widgets completed by month. I have a target and actual, when the sum of the actual is less than the sum of the target, I would like to calculate how much I need to add to the baseline in order to equal 100% at within the same period. I've mocked up in Excel but I'm having trouble with the Accelerate calculation and getting it in Tableau


      Looks like this:


      Attached is an example of the data and view. Help Please

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Mark,


          I looked at the attached data and I do not see how the calcuation for the Accelerate measure was defined since the values in the Excel view are in percents with no calculation related to the underlying data.


          You can draw the lines as you have here minus the broken line, in Tableau by just using the data as it exists but you will need to use the pivot feature to graph.


          I would probably indicate the difference needed to Accelerate and the Baseline in an Area graph with the Actual as a line if it were me.  Hopefully the attached helps with some ideas.  This is in version 10 of Tableau as the attachment supplied was Microsoft Excel so I am guessing you are using the most recent version.  




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            Patrick Van Der Hyde

            Oh - I would hide the secondary axis as well but I just wanted it to be clear that it existed in the example.   This is how I combined a line graph with an area graph. 



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              Mark Manns

              Thanks Patrick I spent some time on this and realized my question was not very specific. I've attached a workbook and basically the problem is I have a calculation that I can't get to work when I display the data by date value. I've developed a work around where I calculate the value and then have to enter it in a parameter but its not optimal. 

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