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    Question about Dashboard for time series of preferred stocks for user(s)

    Boris Chow

      Hi all,


      I would like to create a dashboard using tableau desktop of version 9.3. I would like to ask for advice if it is feasible and if yes, how to do it.


      My group of users have difference favourite stocks on their own, for example some like Apple and Google, while other like Tableau and Oracle.


      Each stock has its historical price and traded volume stored in a table at Oracle, and there is another table storing the user preferred stocks. (Each record id of user name , and id of the stock)


      Can I ask is it possible to create a Dashboard when the user open a tableau page, so that


      - it shows line chart with price, traded volume against time of his preferred stocks ? One line chart is per stock.

      - Is it possible for him to see other user's list of preferred stocks?

      - Can the order of stocks shown up be controlled ?


      Thanks a lot,