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    % Total Calculation with Filters

    Ryan Szymanski

      Hi Everyone,


      Are searching for advice in solving a seemingly easy problem, where I am wanting to calculate a table calculation producing the difference against the ‘first’, while using filters.


      In my first calculation, are producing a % of total sales calculation against a parameter ie:  ‘Sub-Category’.  By changing the filter, the results  for the % of total by ‘Product’ change.  <which is what I want>

      In addition to this first result are looking to layer a second table calculation which calculates the difference of between ‘Regions’ to measure the difference of %total sales between regions. However when producing this calculation, it ignores the changes in the filters that have been applied


      As seen in the attached workbook, are hoping to be able to operate my filters while calculating the ‘Difference’ between Regions, on the table calculation that measures the % total within each ‘Sub-Category’’

      Mocking any example with MS Excel using Superstore data;  have filtered on 'Binder's and 'Storage' are hoping table calculation might be able match the 'Desired Totals' specified in the dashboards.


      Attempting to solve for this situation over the better part of a year, have searched and through several discussions and applied numerous tricks to no avail. 

      Are hoping that new features in Tableau 10 or some LOD calculations might get me save me.


      Save me, please.