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    Linking filters ?

    Jeff White

      Hi please find attached a workbook that im struggling to work with...


      Id like to use the 'cost slider' to change sheets on the dashboard. Im OK wit this (use as filter) but how do i do this but change based on CBA sort descending ? so the cost slider takes away from the lowest CBA first...


      Does this make sense? Hope someone is able to help and thanks in advance

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          Joe Oppelt

          I'm looking at this, but I can't figure out what the Cost filter does, nor what you really want to do here.


          There is only one Cost value in the filter to begin with.  And it's only seems to be associated to Sheet 6, which just displays that one cost.  (121.71M).


          What do you want to accomplish here?

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            Sreekanth Kasaraneni

            I am on lower version hence not able to see your workbook

            however please try to apply the filter applying to all using this data source or select desired worksheets from selected worksheets




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              Jeff White

              Hi thanks for the reply - Id like the cost slider to be able to control everything on the dashboard but in the order of CBA lowest to highest.


              If we were to reduce cost slider by say £20m what would sheet 7 value look like ? But the £20m reduces lowest CBA first...


              Or another way


              Cost slider right to left adjust CBA slider left to right...


              Thanks for looking really is appreciated

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                Joe Oppelt

                I'll repeat.  There is nothing to move on the cost slider.  I can't see what you are seeing.


                WHat I see is this:  the Cost slider comes from sheet 6.  I don't see where CBA slider comes from at all.  (Is that [Improvement]?)


                If COST is going to move, then on what sheet(s) do you want to see CBA changes?

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                  Jeff White

                  Hi OK ive probably confused things so thanks very much again for your response! - Ive attached book 2...


                  Id like to be able to slide the Cost down and only keep the highest CBA values.


                  Thanks in advance again very much appreciated

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                    Joe Oppelt

                    OK, I see what you have here.

                    In the attached, I created a Sheet 10.  And I put a filter for COST and CBA on there.  What you have on your dashboard is a sum of all costs, which is one number for the entire data source.  You don't want that.


                    So when I move COST, it filters out individual [Scheme] rows that don't fit the filter value.


                    That I not going to impact the CBA filter at all.  I moved the COST slider to 500000, and you still have the same CBA range in that filter.  (I even changed the CBA filter to "relevant values".  And that's because from the remaining rows on the sheet, there is at least one with a CBA of 0.01 somewhere.


                    They're not going to interact the way you are hoping, I think.

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                      Joe Oppelt

                      I looked at book 2. 


                      I see now that the Sheet 10 I made is essentially the same thing as your Sheet 8 in book 2.


                      So my previous answer doesn't change.

                      There is no relationship between COST and CBA to make the CBA filter change when the COST filter changes.

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                        Jeff White

                        OK thanks for looking

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                          Jeff White

                          Just to be sure - We cannot do in tableau ? sliding the cost left makes the cba slide right Capture.PNGImage attached.

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                            Jeff White

                            Question im trying to answer is:


                            What are the highest CBA (Cost benefit) schemes available for x£m

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                              Joe Oppelt

                              In the attached Book2 B, I just set the sort on Sheet 8 to sort on CBA.  As you change your COST slider, the remaining CBAs are in descending order.


                              Do you just want to see a single number?  (In the saved workbook, the highest is .98.  If you jut want to see that single number displayed somewhere, we can do that.  (Also the lowest remaining CBA.)  If so, see Book2 C.