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    How to use date as a filters across multiple data sources?

    Asif Iqbal

      Hi everyone,


      I am very new to Tableau desktop for creating dashboards and just came across a problem with the date filters.




      1. The primary data set as all inventory of the equipment and its utilization logs

      2. Secondary data source as incidents log (Requests, Incidents, Maintenance, etc.) where no filed can be matched except Data (only Month)


      I am creating a dashboard where I need to visualize the utilization trends vs the incidents. I am not blending the data and just appended the Incidents report sheet and created a relationship by matching Date fields.



      1. when I use any dimension from the secondary data source, it shows me Asterisks instead of the actual dimension.

      2. If I create separate sheets using separate data sources, I am unable to apply any filter as Global to filter data based on months.


      Any help would really be appreciated.


      Thank you in advance.