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    Aggregate or Non-Aggregate of Geography and Time Periods using Parameters

    Eric Sturgeon

      Hello, I am trying to create parameters to control the level of granularity of the data.  First, I would like to create the option to show sales broken down by state or an aggregate of all states.  (I would like to get the same result from using this parameter that I would from going into the worksheet and manually adding or removing State dimension from Rows).  Similarly, I would like to create another option to show sales broken down by year, quarter, month or an aggregate of ALL time periods in the data.  (Again, the same thing that would be accomplished by adding, removing, or modifying the Date dimension in Rows).  I could add additional columns in the data, one that has "All States" in every row and one that has "Current Fiscal Year" in every row but I would rather not add more columns that may slow things down.  Can anyone help me out?  I've searched the web and the forums for an answer but haven't found it.