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    Filtering out rows by region. Otherwise Identical

    Andrew Radil

      I am working with Package SKUs. These package SKUs contain child SKUs. For example. Package SKU 1234567 contains 6 child SKUs.

      This becomes more complicated when each of these rows have a different stock region, creating additional rows. Each child SKU can exist in different regions. so if we have 2 different regions, we start to get multiple records for each child SKU. I will use South and North as regions for example purposes. I separated the rows based on child SKUs with highlights.


      This is where my question comes in. I need to create a calculated field (IN TABLEAU) that only shows me each child SKU that is in the North region, and if it does not exist in the North Region, I need it to bring in the South region row(Only if a row with North Region does not exist) Also, if it is NA or NULL (Not in stock), I need to see this as well. What I want would look like this based on the above dataset...

      I have been trying for couple days now and can not seem to get Tableau to do this. Since it is a matter of dealing with separate rows (because it can be stocked in both locations at the same time), rather than it being an either or thing; I am having difficulty thinking this out.


      Any help would be appreciated, I am unable to attach a workbook due to privacy policies but I think the excel snips explain what I am trying to do pretty well.

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