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    Avoid Repeating data in Graph and Table


      Hi Guys,


      I need your help here. I am really not sure how to describe it. I have a problem in Tableau Table, if you can see my attached data here the counts of Total Member is only dependent on Contract and the counts_1 is dependent on contract, region, category and metric.

      Here what I want is that my total member should not be repeated it should be displayed just one time and remaining should be blank. This is creating more problem in my graph.

      I created a dummy dataset and a dummy twbx file and have attached here. I know that this could be done by doing some manual change in the data but that is not the solution in my case. I have tried using average in graph but it is not giving me required result.


      Please do let me know if I am not clear here. Its really very urgent, so your help is highly appreciated.