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    Tableau custom SQL table joins

    tim corliss

      I am trying to join three tables as I need to join on a date field, but the date field is in a different format in each table.


      I want all of the fields from each table available in joined table


      when I run this SQL


      select *

      from GSTAR_TAGS a

      inner join load_dump b on a.weighttagno = b.tagno and year(a.crushdate) = year(b.ts)

      inner join shuttle_deploy c on a.weighttagno = c.tagno and year(a.crushdate) = year(c.ts)


      I get this error


      [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The column 'id' was specified multiple times for 'Custom SQL Query'.


      I've looked through as many web pages and threads as I can on the forum and can't find a solution