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    The Fallen - Everyone should watch this

    Simon Runc

      Although not strictly Tableau...I'm taking advantage of the "Viz Talk" nature of this area to share something I feel compelled to share. This is one of the best (if not the best) visualisations I have ever seen...


      As there are only a few survivors left from WW2, it means that we have very few left with "first hand" experience of the horror of WW2, and although many of us know the history and some of the numbers, it becomes increasingly hard to "really" appreciate how horrendous it was. On a personal note...my Dad was from Poland and escaped during the invasion, where he fought (aged just 16) in one of the Polish-British fighter RAF squadrons, 303 ...we spoke many times of the horror of what he went through, but with me never experiencing anything comparable (I only once fired a gun, at a range, and it scared me senseless!), it was hard for me to really understand the scale and inhumanity (and insanity) of it all....so this timely (and stunning) visualisation gives some perspective, and also shows how far we have actually come (which is often hard to see in our 2-4 year frames of reference). This is one of the true powers of data-visualisation, and one of the best examples I've ever come across (it's also particularly beautiful, IMHO...although "beautiful" seems the "wrong" word for this subject)


      I've embedded the video below, but here is a link to it on Vimeo The Fallen of World War II on Vimeo

      and there is an interactive version here The Fallen of World War II - Data-driven documentary about war & peace



      When I first saw this visualisation, I just thought "Every Political leader should be forced to watch this"...maybe the world might be an even better place.


      Although I said this wasn't Tableau...it could be, as all the data is available in Google Fusion Tables (at the grain required to make this Viz-umentary, as I'm calling it).


      Hope you find this as thought-provoking, sobering, and (in a weird way) beautiful, as I did.