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    Map Regions by Grouped Zip Codes

    Carlton Lee

      The cases in the data set I'm working with are identified by one of six different regions within the county. These regions are divided by zip codes, but each region has multikple zip codes within it. How can I create a map of these regions by grouping together the zip codes? I've seen a number of ideas, but can't quite wrap my head around how to have each case associated with a group of zip codes.


      BTW, using Tableau Public, which I know has some limitations on mapping functions...

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          Kent Marten

          Carlton Lee


          Do you want individual marks or simply color coded zip codes?  You can use Groups to classify the zip codes into 6-regions. After doing so, you could remove Zip Code from the viz and this will automatically aggregate the zip codes into 6 marks.


          Is there a Region field in your data?  You could assign that the geographic role of Zip Code, and simply geocode based on "Region".


          Any chance you could post your data?


          Good luck.


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            Carlton Lee

            Sorry for the late response, wrapped up in other things.


            I need the 6 regions color coded, and ultimately what I need is to be able to use the map as a filter, so users can click on a region and have data filtered accordingly.


            The problem I'm having is that the data is identified by region, not zip code. So I can import the zip codes categorized by region and make a nice region map, but when I try to merge this with my regional data, every case is multiplied across all the zip codes.


            Here's the workbook:

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              Marc MOUSSA

              Did you try blending both sources and using an action filter ?

              In you file there only the geographic data.