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    Active data Between selected dates

    Aruna Ponnapalli

      I have a data in which new records are created on a regular basis.

      Following are the fields of data: Id,Name,createdOn,Expiry.

      Now i need to create a dashboard which shows the data between selected start date and end date. To achieve this i created two date parameters start and end.selected cnt(id) on rows and month(createdon) date on columns.

      I got the data a newly created records correctly, but i want count of records which are not expired in that selected range.

      For example:



      id   name    createdon       expiry

      1     a       1/1/2015          3/2/2015

      2     b       2/1/2015          2/20/2015

      3     c       1/10/2015        2/1/2015

      4     d       1/20/2015        2/15/2015



      For this data the report should show count of records month wise in the selected range so the answer should be:

      Jan : 3

      Feb : 4

      Mar : 1

      but im getting result as:

      Jan :3

      Feb : 1

      Mar : 0



      Please help me how to achieve this.Thanks in Advance.