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    Any way to show joined column


      Is there a way to show the column which is used in the table join inside Tableau?


      Can't seem to find a way to do it...

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          Shriram Saxena

          Hi Siyang,


          Yes we can


          here the join is made on order id ..


          Now go to sheet.. 



          Now you can see the columns where join can be made...

          Is this what you are looking for ... 




          Shriram Saxena 

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            Rajeev Pandey

            Hi Teo,

            No need to worry , please follow the below steps and you will get the desired result.

            1) First create a Join( Either by drag down or by using Custom SQL technique)

            2) When A join is happening , you will see a table name is getting prefixed with the Join as per the below image.

            3) Go to the sheet View and access the Field.

            4) Optional:

            I am just making a Wild Guess, may be you have checked the "Group By folder Option"  which is making it difficult to find.

            You can just change the value to "Group By Data source Table"

            5) Or follow the simplest technique of searching by field name.

            if still nothing works out then Define the column name by using Custom Sql query technique.

            Let me know if you still face any issue.


            Warm regards,

            Rajeev pandeyFollow my Blog:

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              This is embarrassing, after viewing both of your posts, and realised that they should rightly be available, it dawned on me that I have hid the fields.


              No wonder I couldn't locate them even after searching them as you suggested.


              While the answers you provided are not exactly what resolved it, but they certainly led to the resolution. Appreciate them much!