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    Data densification / domain padding and creating of new category

    Ivan Cordon Medrano



      I have a workbook that has sales numbers from different sellers which are identified by sellerID. Each seller may sell different product categories which are divided in three different categories: Electronics, Toys and Furniture. What I need to do is to create a category of for each seller based on the amount of 'Furniture' sales that they have sold. The problem is that some sellers do not sell furniture so in that case the category should say something like "N/A". I have created a calculation called Furniture Sales which returns the amount of of sales for Furniture and based on that I created a new calculation called Selle Rating but when I put all in the panel I do not get what I need since i get different records for Furniture and the other categories. I would like to have the classification associated to the seller and that once is performed it applies to all the categories.

      I attach the wrong result of what I get. A screenshot of what I would like to get (i generated manually on excel) and the tableau workbook.

      How can I do what I want??