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    Multiple Dates and ratings

    Patricia Everett

      I am working on pulling several sources together and have Tableau 9.1 also have Tableau 10.0 but our server is 9 so I can't use 10 to develop my data for the server. I have a listing of suppliers with the statement date, meaning their financial statements (could be at least 3 or more) and then what the company calls their rating. The rating can be from Excellent to Concern and can change based on their financial health. I am trying to just pull the latest statement date with the rating for that date. I have figured out how to do this using a fixed calculation in 10 but can't seem to work this in 9.1. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


      Supplier CodeCompany NameTypeDUNSRatingStmt Date
      1234Company ADivision00-123-1111Excellent to Good6/30/2016
      1234Company ADivision00-123-1111Good to Excellent12/31/2015
      1234Company ADivision00-123-1111Good to Excellent6/30/2015
      1234Company ADivision00-123-1111Good to Excellent12/31/2014
      4567Company BHeadquarters11-111-1111Fair3/31/2016
      4567Company BHeadquarters11-111-1111Fair12/31/2015
      4567Company BHeadquarters11-111-1111Fair9/30/2015
      4567Company BHeadquarters11-111-1111Fair6/30/2015
      4567Company BHeadquarters11-111-1111Fair to Good3/31/2015
      4567Company BHeadquarters11-111-1111Fair to Good12/31/2014
      8910Company CHeadquarters12-111-1111Fair to Good3/31/2016
      8910Company CHeadquarters12-111-1111Fair to Good12/31/2015
      8910Company CHeadquarters12-111-1111Fair to Good9/30/2015
      8910Company CHeadquarters12-111-1111Fair to Good6/30/2015
      8910Company CHeadquarters12-111-1111Good to Fair12/31/2014