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    Actions and filters: different in Tableau public and professional?

    gene shackman

      I set up a map of New York state. My intent is that if you click on a county, a data table comes up for that county. I can do this on Tableau professional on my desktop. But when I do the same thing in Tableau public and upload to my public account, when you click on a county, the table that comes up has all the counties.


      In particular, I start with a data table that has data for several variables for all counties in NY. This is sheet 1 (named tablesheet). Then I make another sheet, just with county, and make this into a map (named mapsheet). Then I start a dashboard, and drag just the data table sheet to this dashboard (named tabledashboard). Then I start another dashboard, and drag just the map sheet into this dashboard (named mapdashboard).


      Then I go to the map dashboard, action / add action / filter.

      Name (on top) change to <county>

      On the source sheet, I use mapdashboard, mapsheet, and run action on “select”

      On target sheets, I use tabledashboard, and tablesheets, and clearing the selection will exclude all values.

      Target filters, use “select fields” and the data source and target field is county.




      On Tableau professional, on my desktop, if I save this as a targeted workbook, and open that using tableau reader, it works fine. I click on one county and see the data table for one county. If I use Tableau open and follow the same steps, and save to my tableau public account, when I click on one county, the table for all the counties shows up.


      As far as I can see, the action filters look the same. Is there a difference between tableau professional and tableau public? Do the filters work the same way? How do I get the filter on the website to work the same as the filter on my desktop?