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    Dashed Line After Certain Period

    Rajeev Pandey

      Dear Tableau Lovers,

      I am coming with the requirement which I am struggling to achieve Inside Tableau. As per the below Excel chart diagram ,  Blue background  data( Image attached at the bottom) represents the Historic data and Orange background data represents the foretasted value. I need to create a forecast  inside tableau but because of discrete nature of Period (String data type) , Forecast option is in disabled state.

      SO I could not able to generate the Forecast. So Another alternative was to create a Dashed line from P4 2017 to P13 2017 and before P4 2017 period simple line would do the Justice.

      You can See in the above Image "Forecast" option is not available in the data.


      Let me rephrase what I just mentioned above

      Expected Output :

      1) A Connected Dashed Line should come  P4 2017 to P13 2017.

      2) Dashed should appear in different color .


      Approach Which I followed.

      I thought of inserting a "Null" as per the below equation but No Luck.



      Note : Row Labels in "Rows shelf" is similar to company column in the below format.

      2) Approach 2:- Followed the Reference Line Concept for creating a dashed line but this option will always give a Straight Dashed Line.


      Data Format


      • I am using Tableau version 9.2

      Any suggestion or any sort of advice is greatly appreciated.