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    Highlight top 3 and bottom 3 in the map among n strings in date bases

    sunil bhagavath


         Am trying to built a report based on tickets being opened and closed in a state every day. I have built it using tableau but am stuck in a process. Below is my screenshot

      this is what i have so far




      The data data is as attached in the excel file. i want highlights both in the map and tooltip as well

      What i require is that i want to highlight the top 3 states and bottom 3 states getting the tickets everyday filter based and i want a description in the tool tip as well regarding it all this in map

      And in the tool tip i want a statement saying that this is a high hitter state and this low hitter state. and if there is many open tickets in a state i want to highlight it in red and low in green inside the tool tip


      The problem is that am not able to disguise between them as all of them are strings and not numbers.


      I would really appreciate any help regarding this. Thanks in advance

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello sunil bhagavath,


          A few questions to assist you further because we are a community that really loves to help users out.  


          1 - what version of Tableau are you using?  It helps to always share this in your question or else you are likely to get response made with a version of Tableau that will not be able to be opened by your version.  Tableau has increased the cadence of versions and knowing your version helps us help you. 


          2. The data supplied in the Excel file has a date field,  a State, and a status.  There is no count or identifier.  Is each row supposed to be unique case and ticket?  If so, an identifier would be helpful.


          3.  I am not sure what is desired for the outcome.  A small mock up on a map in the question to show us would be helpful.  Is the expectation to see 6 States colored in the view with 3 one color and 3 another (representing high/low)? 


          4. Please share the work you have tried so far in Tableau in a packaged workbook.  A sample workbook goes a long way to helping the community understand what you have tried and would like to achieve. 


          Thanks and best of luck.