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    Tableau 10 Desktop license usage

    Mike Ciance

      I wanted to try out the Desktop license usage reporting so I enabled it on the server per the instructions.  I also made the registry change on my PC and a co-worker's PC per the instructions.  This was all done yesterday.  As of now, 18+ hours later I still do not see any data on the server. The views are there (I was able to see them yesterday after enabling them) but there just is no data.  I did have Tableau 10 Desktop open for a while yesterday after making the changes.


      Has anyone else been able to enable the Desktop reporting and see data in the server view?

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          Glen Robinson

          Hi Mike

          There is an article here about checking the log files on the PCs

          Troubleshoot Desktop License Reporting

          Does that shed any light?


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            Mike Ciance

            Thanks Glen, I did see that.  There was one instance where it said the server was not valid early in the log (I assume that was while I was still setting things up) but after that I see entries that look ok except maybe for a few.  See the ones in bold:


            Starting license usage report

            Reporting server detected and valid, start report task.

            Running algorithm to schedule report

            License report type - USE

            schedule interval from user setting is: - 28800

            last rpt time: 12/31/1969 7:00:00 PM, cur time: 9/14/2016 10:58:32 AM, next rpt time: 1/1/1970 3:00:00 AM

            Suspend background thread for 10 seconds

            configured server name: [name removed but it is okay]

            configured server name: [name also removed but it too is okay]

            Sanity check failed - umn is not valid


            The two that look like an issue only show up once yesterday.  This morning, since I have had Tableau 10 Desktop open almost all morning I keep seeing these three repeated many times:


            License report type - USE

            schedule interval from user setting is: - 28800

            Suspend background thread for 10 seconds

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              Glen Robinson


              Where you have said

              configured server name: [name removed but it is okay]

              configured server name: [name also removed but it too is okay]


              Can you confirm that if you put the name in a browser you get a response? Do you have http:// or https:// set too? Does the address include domain suffix, ie it looks like http://TableauServer.Company.local (or similar?)

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                Mike Ciance

                Yes.  For both servers (one has https and one http) putting the names in the browser brings me to the correct system.  One thing, the first system is our production system (and includes the domain) which is not Tableau 10 yet.  Our dev system is Tableau 10.  I wonder if it is worth removing the production system for now?  I might try that to see if it helps.

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                  Toby Erkson

                  Working for me:

                  Here's the command line I told my special end users to use, having them send data to all three Servers:


                  TableauDesktop-64bit-10-0-0.exe REPORTINGSERVER="http://ourQAserver.com,http//ourTESTserver.com,http://ourPRODserver.com"


                  Note that our production server is still 9.3.4 but that didn't cause any problems.

                  Make sure there are NO spaces between the servers if you specify more than one.


                  I had them open a CMD window, ran as administrator, of course:

                  Also, if they had already installed it I told them to uninstall it first, then use the above command line to install it.

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                    Mike Ciance

                    Thanks for the reply Toby.  I will try uninstalling and installing with the command line specifying the servers.

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                      Mike Ciance

                      Well, I still don't see anything from my PC, although maybe it needs more time since it says it syncs every 8 hours.  However, I have a virtual desktop and the guy that I have creating an install package for the upgrade for all of our users sent the install there.  After opening it on the virtual desktop I see the data for that installation in Tableau.  One thing was that it was the first time I activated Tableau on that system.  It had already been activated on mine so maybe that is an issue.  I thought updating the registry was supposed to take care of that though.

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                        Mike Ciance

                        Okay, I have figured out the issue.  If Tableau 10 is already installed AND activated not only do you need to make the registry entry you have to deactivate and re-activate it to get to send the data to the server.  It says in the instructions:


                        "The following events force a report from a properly configured Tableau Desktop instance to Tableau Server:

                        • Activating Tableau Desktop version 10.0 or later.
                        • Deactivating Tableau Desktop version 10.0 or later."


                        We deactivated and re-activated Tableau 10 on my co-worker's computer that we had done the registry update on yesterday afternoon.  We then closed and opened it and it immediately got reported on Tableau server.  I assume it will continue to report every 8 hours now.

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                          Phillip Millhollen

                          Hello Mike.


                          Did the desktops continue to report their usage to the server, or did they only report immediately after activation?

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                            Emmet McCormack

                            Hi Phillip,


                            I tested this recently and found that once the client Deactivated and Reactivated the license, the desktop reported normally every 8 hours.


                            Interestingly enough, this was true across both PC and Mac desktop clients, i.e. both required a deactivation and reactivation if there was an existing installation of tableau desktop.

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                              Phillip Millhollen

                              Thanks for the feedback, Emmet. I have identified these issues with another customer and on my own test server and spoken with the licensing product manager about this behavior, and a few other minor defects I noticed. She is working with her team to determine if automatically sending a usage message to Tableau Server on first use, instead of waiting 8 hours after the activation message is sent, will resolve this issue. Be on the lookout for messaging in future versions mentioning fixes to the desktop license reporting behavior.

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                                Hi Mike,


                                I am the PM for the licensing Dev Team and I apologize for the delay replying back to you. I have reviewed the entire thread and I would like to clarify certain items, The UMN invalid error you say is certainly a bug and does prevent the report from being sent. We have not fixed that in the 10.0.3 release. We are also adding a configurable option in 10.0.3 to enable you to change the 8 hour default.


                                It is not accurate that you have to activate your license to see the report show up on the Server, yes it certainly forces the first reporting event to happen. Deactivation/reactivation is not be required to use this feature. We validated that in our testing in house. If you are continuing to see inconsistencies in reporting. Please do contact support and send your logs to us. We are anxious to make this feature easy to use for our customers.





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                                  Diane Economides

                                  Hello Aruna,


                                  My team recently upgraded to Tableau Server and Desktop 10.1.1 and configured the Desktop License Usage, but we did have to deactivate and reactivate the Desktop license keys in order for data to appear in the Desktop License Usage report.  This Knowledge Base article lists that as a troubleshooting step, so I suspect it is a bug that can hopefully be fixed in a subsequent release.


                                  You mentioned the 8-hour default could be configured - how would that be done?  Is that a Tabadmin setting on Server?  The instructions for configuration don't mention that option but it would be nice if it can be changed.


                                  Also, the Department field in the Desktop License Usage report is blank even though the field is populated on the customer portal (which was entered manually).  Any thoughts on why that data wouldn't be displayed in the report?  Does it come from a source other than the customer portal?




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                                    Donna Coles

                                    Hi Aruna


                                    Please see the comments on this thread too which you're tagged in :




                                    I'm still struggling to get the Desktop Licence Reporting to work consistently with v10.1.1.  Uninstalling v10.0 Desktop (after already having installed v10.1) and doing an deactivate/reactivate hasn't worked for one of my users even though the exact same steps worked for his colleague.  I've seen his log files and the messages recorded 'look right'.



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